Month: February 2016

Photoshop: Actually Defending the Den

CAP 105 Photoshop copy

Being from the great Mitten State of Michigan, you have to be a Detroit Lions fan, right? Actually, wrong. I proudly root for the (usually less supported) Oakland Raiders, and have been against the popular opinion in my Michigan domain for awhile. However, football is still football and when there are games to be watched, regardless of who is playing, the TV is turned to NFL on FOX at my house.

But what happens when Ford Field falls under siege? What is to happen when a real monster invades the city of Detroit? Although unlikely to occur, Photoshop allowed it to become a farce reality. Through this assignment, using a photo I took myself upon entering Ford Field, Photoshop allowed me to portray the bitter cold conditions of that 12 degree day with a Wind filter, as well as bring the only real monster Ford Field has ever seen (except for Calvin Johnson).

If one really wants to see how poorly the Lions have been and argue my case, you can always see for yourself just how well they’ve been in the postseason.

These are the original photos before any editing was performed:


Source: Cochran, B. (2014). Detroit, MI: Ford Field.


Source: Unknown photographer. (2015, May 28). Retrieved from:

For this assignment, the objective is to display our knowledge and skill of the use of the program Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is a video creating and editing application primarily used on Apple computers. This video had to be roughly a minute and a half in length and could be based on a topic of our choice.


The star of the movie is a pup named Chewy. Chewy is a year old Maltipoo (Maltese mixed with Poodle) who is a rambunctious fur ball with a lot of energy and a positive attitude. The video portrays a little about his daily life and how he enjoys spending his time. He is also cast with a rockin’ soundtrack to emphasize his love for play.


Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu…Chewy.




Storyboard of the video