Hootsuite: Scheduled Communication

I’m professional…right? Aren’t I? I’m very professional I swear…Okay, if you’ve seen my previous blog posts, I can be a bit informal. However, I do cut to the chase and give the people what they want. At least I think I do.

My personal brand that I’ve noticed throughout my previous posts is that I combine a sense of professionalism along with a bit of informal humor in my writings. Using this aspect, I’ve used the site Hootsuite to connect to my basically-defunct Twitter account (that must be barely hanging on by a thread) and scheduled a few tweets to be sent out to my probably-less-than-200 or so followers. Once again, I took a stance of professionalism whilst combining a joke or two (or five).

Of all of the websites and tools we’ve learned throughout the semester in this CAP 105 class, even though I’m using this at first with my Twitter account, I’ve seen that this can be an enormously vital site to use for advertising and marketing opportunities. Scheduling posts about deals or happenings for a business or website to the exact minute is ideal because timing can be everything in this business. Planning tweets or posts to be released on the exact time most people take their lunch break or get home from work means expanded viewership, higher click rates, and essentially more money to be brought in.


Wait, that’s not right…

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