Google Analytics Certification

After a couple long…grueling hours of listening to the man in the blue shirt speak on…and on…and on…finally, I am Google Analytics certified. Okay, it really wasn’t all that bad, and to be completely honest, I learned much more than I anticipated.

The entire process itself was time consuming, but there is so much to be learned here that I would highly recommend this become part of job training (if it isn’t already) for research companies. Taking each bit step by step key, since there is SO much to learn and practice in Google Analytics.

There were two parts to the whole process that stood out to me and really perked my interest. The first was the URL Builder. This makes learning and creating URL’s so much more simple and easy to understand after using it a few times. Since I’m no computer whiz, I had no idea what each individual part to the URL meant, but now I can see how each component is a different tracker for different research needs.

The second part was the practice analytics account. This gave a hands on, real-working example of how to use Google Analytics. Listening to the blue shirt talk is one thing, but having an example I can experiment with and adjust myself is a much more effective way of learning.

Everything combined for a memorable learning experience, and I recommend anyone going into advertising or public relations research to become Google Analytics certified!

2016-04-05 (1)