What does the future hold?

Alas, the posting of this CAP 105 blog has come to an end…or has it? The semester wraps up in the next few weeks, and in writing the final few posts I had time to reflect on all that I’ve accomplished this semester, as well as what the future holds going forward.

Since this blog was originally a carry over from my former CAP 220 class, I believe I may continue on with it and keep it running. I enjoy being able to express myself in, as I’ve established throughout the semester, a professional yet semi-goofy manner. I find that’s the best way to go through life. What’s work without a little fun?

For what it’s worth, a pro for keeping the blog may be to show some small pieces of work to a future employer, depending on the qualifications and what is asked of me. The posts provide digital evidence of my completion of tasks such as Google Analytics, Infographics, etc. Perhaps if they ask to see some of this work, I’ll see what I can pull out of the ol’ woodworks.

Although, I guess a con of keeping it would be that I may not have done my absolute best work this semester. What I mean by that is that I am my biggest critic. What others may tell me is great I will look at and say I could have done a hundred times better. Sometimes I wish I took more time and worked harder at these small projects. But, maybe that’s just all part of the learning experience is to get your feet wet and start your path.

This blog definitely provides a networking opportunity, though, since not only can anyone read my blog, but anyone else I meet down the road who may have had to/wanted to create a blog at the same time period as myself will give us something to talk about. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the Senior Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi one day and someone will approach me asking them to do a business card, but nothing like the one I made with InDesign on my CAP 105 blog. Who knows.

Reflection of PR

As this semester of my first public relations class comes to a close, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on my time and my experiences. First off, I would like to thank my professor (hats off to you, Wallace) for being the professor I’m glad I chose to take the class with, and that I hope one day I can accomplish all she has. No, that’s not sucking up, just giving some credit where credit is due because there’s an overwhelming lack of that nowadays. Anyways, this semester has had its handfuls of ups and downs.

I would like to start by clearly stating I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Coming in as a Comm Study major emphasizing in Ad/PR, and only being a sophomore with no prior Ad/PR experience, I felt a bit like a deer in the headlights before classes started. However, I quickly settled in and I now feel sure this type of thing is what I want to do with my life. I feel accomplished that I chose a major entering college and, as of right now I suppose, I am sure it is what I want to do (of which, of course, is subject to change because let’s be honest, it is college). I feel I have at least some sort of talent in it, whatever talent that may be, and I feel I can understand the majority of the material that comes with it.

The struggles did not come as often as I had originally planned. As with all classes, there were the occasional brain farts, writers blocks, impossibility to find valid sources, etc. The work load came about as expected, technically being a “supplemental writing skill” class. Although, no greater feeling came than when the final binding went on that campaign book and the final sigh of relief was exhaled. Getting to look down at a semester’s worth of an accomplishment and be proud of every word I put in there. Now, could I take that semester’s worth of a book and make a living out of doing things like that? Ehh…I could give it a shot I suppose.

The biggest and most important thing I learned was that there are so many steps to creating a campaign and planning processes and relationship connections, among the like. I understood being a PR practitioner was a stressful position, but there really are extensive amounts of research and time that go into creating things such as these campaigns. Keeping facts straight, hitting deadlines, planning things out, and maintaining and building relationships are essential to generating a successful reputation for your organization, your public, and yourself.

All in all, it was an interesting, yet fulfilling semester. After going through the long, grueling process, it does make me feel better about myself that I chose something I believe I am going to enjoy and can’t wait to get involved in. I know I will have friends in high and low places and the time can’t come soon enough that I get out there and make a name for myself (or the company or public I represent).