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InDesign appears to be a relatively simple program to use. The layout follows along the lines of Photoshop (which would make sense, since they’re both run by Adobe). The unfortunate part about using a program like InDesign is…I’m not as creative as I wish I was.

However, sometimes simple is the way to go. For those it may concern, here is the final product in all of its shimmering glory! This card delivers anything anyone would need to know about my professional background. That being said, there isn’t all that much to it. Yes, I am in fact a Sandwich Artist. Yes, I do in fact speak Spanish. No, don’t ask me to say something in Spanish just so you can hear me say something in Spanish. It’s more annoying than people think.

I feel this card could definitely be a strong representation of someone like myself: simple, to the point, not overly flashy, but gets the job done. Not to mention, I make a mean Rotisserie-style chicken sandwich. Even though the picture shows a hearty Italian B.M.T., I’ll let you decide for yourself.


(If it is difficult to read, the card says: Advertising Enthusiast, Spanish Conversationalist, Communications Specialist, Sandwich Artist. For all of your publication or sandwich consumation needs, please contact me at: Email:


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