Infographics are, to me, the most consumer friendly and creative way to portray pertinent information. To be completely honest, upon entering this CAP 115  class, infographics were one of the few concepts I was hoping to learn about, and it turns out using Piktochart is extremely easy (and free). Media content nowadays is more pleasing to me when it is simple, visually defined, and concise. Piktochart makes that job a piece of cake.

The topic of my infographic is a quick lesson for beginning Instagram users. Essentially, it is a guide to starting the Instagram journey and rising to fame and fortune like many before. Who knows, anyone could be the next LeJuan James. Fair warning, however: if you do decide to take a peak at his content, I would not suggest it be at work. Another fair warning: Spanish speaking abilities may be required.


Cochran, B. (Designer). (2016). Going from Insta-fameless to Insta-famous [Image]. Piktochart. Retrieved from