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Brand Yourself

Wouldn’t branding yourself be painful? Doesn’t that leave a mark and scars? Oh wait…like making a brand for yourself? That doesn’t sound so painful. In fact, it actually sounds beneficial.

Branding yourself is a way to get your name out into the world and let professionals find you without straining themselves too much. Also, it’s a way for one looking for a profession to put their name at the top of the list and reach a greater audience. does a great help with that. had me enter some brief information, and then asked if I could identify some Google searches as myself. Alas, only two of the top searches could have had me in them, and they happened to be Facebook and LinkedIn searches. Basically, I have no online reputation, and that is reflected in the featured image of this post. However, this website allowed me to connect my LinkedIn profile and gave me some suggestions to boost my online reputation. Some of these recommendations include adding past employment information, adding educational information, and simply spending five minutes being active on my feed and profile.

And if doing this does not work, here’s a book that might help you, and here’s another. I have never read nor owned either of these books, so don’t blame me if they don’t help. I tried.